Rage Against the Machine predicted and mocked Donald Trump’s presidential campaign 16 years ago

Believe it or not, it appears that Rage Against the Machine except from amazing musical skills, they also have extremely accurate prophetic powers as the perspicacious group predicted the entering of Trump in the political arena long before his 2016 presidential campaign officially began.

Specifically and according to Billboard, in the alternative rockers’ 1999 music video for “Sleep Now in the Fire”, a man can be seen clearly holding up a “Donald Trump for President” sign. Creepy, ha? If you'll search for the videoclip, which was directed by the ever-political and unconventional Michael Moore, displays somehow today's society where in an ugly and surprising way, Trump actually has a real shot at winning the White House. Hats off to RATM.

Watch the video below and pay attention to the 1:00 mark where Trump is being referred.
In addition to RATM, it seems that The Simpsons also predicted and Trump’s political career in a 2000 episode titled “Bart to the Future” that you can watch below.

via: consequenceofsound.net
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