Quirky Bookmarks Look Like Tiny Legs of Literary Characters Sticking Out Between Pages

This post addresses to every book lover around the globe, the old way paper book readers who feel the passion when they touch a book and get frustrated when they miss the page they had stopped reading. Awful moment, ha? Luckily for all us, there's an artist out there who is dedicated in creating the most beautiful and quirky bookmarks!

Artist Olena Mysnyk (of MyBOOKmark), gets inspired by her favorite literary characters and creates the coolest bookmarks out there. Specifically, she focuses on their feet, turning them into unique bookmarks that playfully stick out from a novel's pages. Harry Potter, The Wizard of Oz's Dorothy Gale, Star Wars characters, and even mermaids have been Mysnyk's muses.

With that kind of creativity, success was granted and since starting MyBOOKmark in 2011, Mysnyk has received over 9,000 orders. "Every person is totally able to make world a better place by sharing their passion," Mysnyk writes. "Especially when this passion is reading!"

So, if you're jealous and want your own special bookmark, you could visit mybookmark-shop.com or her Etsy shop.

via: mymodernmet.com
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