Pimping Out Snail’s Shells to Prevent Them Getting Squashed

For most people, especially for kids, snails are considered to be the cutest, tiny animals who have the exclusive privilege of carrying their own home. Unfortunately, their home is extremely fragile and as a result of their size and brittleness, snails are tend to be accidentally smashed by people.

This was happening until creativity and compassion met together in order to help these adorable creatures. Specifically, some sympathetic people thought that the solution to the problem of smashed snails was to paint their shell. When these snails’ shells are colorfully painted, it’s hard to miss them crawling around. If you want to decorate your garden snails’ shells be sure to use non-toxic paint only, and try not to scare the snail too much or she may crawl out and leave her house behind!

via: artfido.com
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