Husband's Illustrations For Wife Capture Love At Its Simplest

An eternal question of mankind is about love. What is LOVE? And how can we define it? Since the beginning of civilization, all kinds of people, but mostly artists and writers have depicted the noblest feeling of all, through stunning artworks or masterful writings. Another artist who dedicated his art in love is South Korean Andrew Hou who has spent almost 6 years illustrating in drawings this feeling to his wife.

It all began with cute drawings that he used to send to his girlfriend via SMS. As an artist, he felt more comfortable to use his skills in order to express his feelings. What it began as simple communication with his girlfriend, eventually evolved in a series titled “HJ-story” after his wife’s Korean name initials. And if you wonder what happened to the couple, there is a happy ending to their story. Finally, the adorable couple got married in 2013 and Andrew continues to draw their life together until today!

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