Why You’ll Want To Think Twice Before Feeding Your Kids Nutella

Nutella is one of the most favourite spreads for our daily snacks, specially for the kids who love it, but after a deep research in its ingredients, Nutella should actually be considered one of the most poisonous products that you could buy for yourself or your family. To be more clear, Nutella has been found to contain these kinds of poisonous ingredients.

Vanillin – Vanillin is an artificial flavor in Nutella that is used to trick your brain into believing that you are actually tasting real vanilla flavoring. Vanillin is actually a neurotoxin that is able to kill your brain cells with the added result that it makes us addicted to it as it connects the receptors in our brains which release serotonin, our hormone of happiness.

Sugar – Nutella contains a great amount of sugar that is known to be the most addictive ingredient. To be more specific, it is derived from a GMO known as sugar beef which has been known to be inexpensive and filled to the brim with pesticides and other altered sugars that your body is unable to recognize.

Soy – Nutella has also been shown to contain soy. Soy is usually thought to be healthy among the people who decide not to be meat eaters. However, Nutella contains soy lecithin which is actually the opposite of healthy and it is connected with thyroid depression, late menstruation, premature entry into puberty, uncontrolled weight gain, and even breast cancer.

Skim Milk – Nutella contains skim milk and of course not real skim milk. In fact, it is pus filled milk of sick cows that are exposed to GMO’s. Basically, the milk found in Nutella is the most dangerous kind for bad cholesterol and other health dangers. Creepy, right?

So, next time, you'll be in a mood for Nutella, think twice about it. Is it worth the price to endanger yours and yours family health?

via: simpleorganiclife.org
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