Ethereal Floral Tattoos Mimic Delicate Watercolor Paintings on Skin

A good tattoo is in many aspects a kind of art and the Korean tattoo artist over here proves it the best way. Aro Tattoo, aka @tattooist_silo, creates fine works of art onto the skin of her clients. Focusing on floral patterns and portraits of furry friends, the tattooist uses soft pink, red, and blue ink to mimic the amazing colors only nature can create. These tattoos differ from the usual solid dark outline as Aro Tattoo completely skips the black ink and defines form with color, allowing these pieces the feeling of a delicate watercolor painting rather than an ordinary tattoo.

Despite the use of lively inks, Aro Tattoo’s creations are subtle additions to the body. They will never be too bold, and instead, are a tranquil but very special way to declare a love of nature and animals.

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