WTF?! ‘Suicidal Deer’ Sign Stops Sraffic in Illinois

Driving along the road and suddenly facing an animal jump out in front of you is one of the worst nightmares for anyone driving to the highway. So Ford County officials in Illinois, in order to get the attention of the drivers to take care while driving, they set aside the regular “deer crossing” highway signs and they erected a unique road sign that warns of a suicidal deer.

Local highway commissioner Ron Hilligoss got the idea from his nephew who sent him a photo similar to the one his council erected, around six months ago. ‘He texted it to me, and I thought it was really a good thing because it gets your attention’, Hilligoss told the Ford County Record. ‘So we had a Ford County Highway Department meeting and I said, ‘Can you get me these signs?’

The county has since purchased four signs with the hope that vehicle-deer collisions will drop in the county (last year there was a total of 33).

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