Viral Political Cartoon Exposes the Brutal Segregation of Flint’s Water Crisis

A single powerful image by political cartoonist Matt Wuerker depicts the imminent danger of Flint’s water crisis.
The poisoning of Flint, Michigan’s water supply started with a switch from Lake Huron to the Flint River in 2014 that’s now poisoned unknown numbers of people in the city of over 100,000 residents. Ten people have already died as a result of Legionnaire’s Disease in Flint since 2014 , and 87 more are severely ill. Flint 's population is mostly African Americans and many have pointed to this fact and how the tragedy falls mostly on them. Specifically, Michael Moore offered a fiery rebuke on Twitter, pointing out that Snyder “knowingly poisoned a black city,” declaring the action a “racial killing.”
Shockingly, lead levels in some Flint homes’ tap water is high enough to meet the EPA’s definition of toxic waste. In addition, the true damage of lead poisoning isn’t apparent until 10 to 15 years in the future, so the side effects of the poisoning are unpredictable and the worst is yet to come, specially, for the children who are the most sensitive from the lead poisoning.
Another factor that makes matters worse is the fact that tests results on Flint’s water were found to be highly corrosive, stripping the city’s aging water infrastructure and turning the water brown. Even in hospitals, yellow-colored water is poured out of faucets:
Despite the overwhelming condemnation of Governor Rick Snyder and Emergency Manager Darnell Earley for their role in the crisis, some Republicans refuse any wrongdoing, with some of them even denying the existence of the problem at all.

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