'Humanae' Portraits Match People of Different Ethnicities With Their Pantone Color

Brazilian photographer Angelica Dass is using photography to show that humanity is far more diverse than just black and white. In her ongoing project titled Humanae, Dass works to record and catalog as many skin tones as possible from around the world, using the Pantone color system.

So far, she has shot more than 2,500 portraits and will keep going. With each photo, Dass extracts an 11-by-11 pixel from the volunteer's face, matches it with a corresponding Pantone color and uses it as the background of the photo. Her subjects are from all genders, nations, backgrounds, ages and religions and they are photographed from the shoulders up and unclothed.

Dass said that the goal of the project is to spark discussion on ethnic identity - without regard to factors like 'nationality, origin, economic status, age or aesthetic standards'.

Humanae started as Dass's submission for her master's degree in photography and her powerfull portraits celebrate the individuality of human race.

via: featureshoot.com
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