A Perfectly Symmetrical Photo of a Kingfisher Diving for Prey, Nearly 6 Years in the Making

Just imagine trying to capture the perfect shot for 6 years years now. This is exactly what Scottish wildlife photographer Alan McFadyen did. The last 6 years, he has spent an estimated 4,200 hours looking for the perfect photo: a symmetrical image of a kingfisher diving into its own reflection in search of prey. It was just last month when after 720,000 exposures he finally made it. McFadyen certainly snapped hundreds of other successful images along the way, but this particular photo—as he imagined it—haunted him for years.

“Kingfishers dive so fast they are like bullets, so taking a good photo requires a lot of luck – and a lot of patience,” McFadyen told the Daily Mail. The difficulty is enhanced by the fact that female kingfishers only rarely dive, so timing is critical.
McFadyen owns Scottish Photography Hides which rents out hides in pristine locations in Southwest Scotland for use by wildlife photographers.
The last thing to say is that the photo certainly deserved the waiting. It's pure perfection!

via: thisiscolossal.com
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