Reformed Drug Addict Gives Free Haircuts To The Homeless

What this guy is doing is absolutely incredible! PLGRM presents to us Nasir Sobhani aka ‘The Streets Barber’. Nasir grew up in Japan, attended the University in Canada, volunteered his time for Youth Work in the Vanuatu and then he moved to Australia to start up his own initiative helping the homeless.

However, this path was not covered with rose petals. Nasir had to confront his personal demons, this of a drug addiction. He fought it and thanks to his Baha'i faith and his love for barbering, he came out a winner. Nowadays, Nasir works six days a week cutting hair, but he spends his one day off hitting the streets to give free haircuts to the homeless. He calls it, ‘Clean Cut, Clean Start’.
He is a source of inspiration for all of us, teaching that even the smaller things can have a huge impact on other people lives. Thumbs up!

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