Micro Sculptures Into Pencils Lead

The Russian artist, Salavat Fidai, coming from an artistic family and following the tradition, he found his inclination to sculpture and painting. However, his sculptures are unique as he choose to carve graphite, in other words, he sculptures the tips of the pencils. Fidai calls his artworks “micro sculptures from graphite” and it is needed a lot of patience and attention with this delicate material."

My sculptures are often broken, but I get experience and start again" says Fidai. He finds inspiration in comics and movies and then using a craft knife and a magnifying glass, he creates these amazing miniatures - sculptures. Fidai also makes micro copies of famous paintings on pumpkin seeds, sunflower and rice, but if you ask him he will always choose pencils as the challenge is bigger. If you like Fidai's artwork, you can visit his site, salavatfidai.com.

via: artpeoplegallery.com
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