Classic Paintings Recreated by Auto-Mechanics in Their Garage!

The Creation of Adam by Michelangelo

We have seen many recreations of classical paintings before but they were never took place in a garage, like these of photographer Freddy Fabris. Fabris spent years wanting to pay homage to the legendary artworks of great Renaissance master painters, but figuring out how to do so with his camera was quite challenging. Recently, he finally came up with an idea that blends the style of classic with an innovative way: it’s a series of portraits of car mechanics in a repair shop, created with the look and feeling of Renaissance paintings.

The mechanics, clad in overalls and tools in hand,are posing in an auto-shop. The result is original and instantly recognizable as it takes only a few seconds before you could figure out the famous classic painting that hides behind the photo.

“For many years I wanted to pay homage the great Renaissance masters,” Fabris wrote on Huffington Post.“Translating painting into photography was a challenge I looked forward to. I wanted to respect the look and feel of theoriginals, but needed to come up with a conceptual twist that would create a new layer to the original. To take them out of their original context, yet maintain their essence.”

The Last Supper by Leonardo da Vinci

The Anatomy Lesson by Rembrandt

A series of Rembrandt-inspired portraits

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