This Indian Kid Died At 7. What He Did In Those 7 Years Will Amaze You

Edmund Thomas Clint is an Indian kid who died at 7 years old. This is a film on his short life which proves his amazing talent! Watch the first 30 seconds of this video and you'll be hooked.

Named after Clint Eastwood, Edmund Thomas Clint was an Indian child prodigy who was born in the town of Kochi in Kerala. Even though he died at the age of 7, due to a kidney failure, he is known for having drawn over 25,000 paintings in the period of five years . Normally, it would take years of analytical study and training to draw such paintings. But Clint started drawing at 2 and by the years his paintings were impeccable . It is documented that at the age of 5, he won the first place in a competition held for painters below the age of 18. Can you imagine where he would be if he were still alive?
We are so thankful for his legacy and we all pray for all those kids who couldn't fulfill their dreams .

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