You Cannot Escape Your Genes: Split Face Portraits Of Family Members (10 Pictures)

Ulric Collette is a self-taught photographer from Quebec, Canada. He studied art and graphic design at school and he currently works as an art director for Collette, an advertising studio in Quebec City. In his series entitled, Genetic Portraits, Ulric splices together portraits of family members to explore their genetic similarities. From parents and their children, to twins, siblings and cousins, the series is quite fascinating, albeit a little spooky.
The splicing is done very well and the blending of the faces is near seamless. The project was shortlisted for a Cannes Lions (one of the world’s most prestigious advertising awards) and there are over 24 portraits on Ulric’s website.
I wish I was one of his portraits and I would like to be splited with my mom. That would be amazing! We look exactly the same!

Cousin - Cousin, Justine 29 years / Ulric 29 years

Daughter - Mother, Marie-Pier 18 years / N’sira 49 years

Father - Son, Denis 60 years / Mathieu 25 years

Father - Son Laval 56 years / Vincent 29 years

Father - Son, Denis 53 / William 28 years old

Mother - Daughter, Francine 56 / Catherine 23 years old

Mother - Daughter, Julie 61 years / Isabelle 32 years old

Sisters, Gabrielle 28 / Leah 25 years

Twins, Laurence / Christine 20 years old

Twins, Alex / Sandrine 20 years

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